About Verbosum

Our expertise covers copywriting, translation, editing and proofreading: we are confident, experienced and above all, reliable. We translate into English and Afrikaans, from Dutch, German and French. Specialisations include, amongst others: Photography, Psychology, Marketing and Advertising, Hospitality and Tourism.

Rendering text into a target language requires more than just proficiency in two languages - cultural sensitivity, sharp and creative writing skills and attention to detail are vital tools of a good translator. These indispensable skills are acquired only through immersion in the source language culture, commitment to ongoing research and a passion for words in any language.

Growing up in a multilingual, multicultural society such as South Africa has given us an integral understanding that language is more than just a coherent collection of words - it is the ambassador of a culture.  Living abroad has not only deepened our understanding of cultural sensitivity but has furthermore provided an extended immersion in our source languages and their respective cultures.


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